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Valhalla Submission Grappling 1

I was asked to cover the first Valhalla Submission Grappling event a couple of weeks ago, and as with all of these types of events, I was expecting a dark environment.

Going on my camera settings I used for the action, this is the darkest place I have ever photographed.

It was good to see such a big crowd and support for the first Valhalla event, as well as some great brands offering up their support.

Will and the team briefed the fighters of the rules as the crowd began to enter the venue.

After a couple of test shots, I considered using my 50mm f1.8 to make the most out of the wide aperture, but decided to use the 70-200mm f2.8 to utilise the zoom lens, allowing for less cropping.

The smoke machine for the fighters entering on to the mat was a great touch.

All of the following action shots have been shot with the following settings:

1/500 | f2.8 | ISO51200.

Head to Instagram for more updates and images on where and what I'm shooting next.

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