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Andy Cole taking a photo


With a strong passion for the outdoors and outdoor sports, I wanted to capture the amazing scenery I have witnessed around me the best I could.
Picking up a camera has allowed me to do just that.

I shoot with professional Nikon cameras and I'm experienced in shooting many events, from international mountain bike events, to small local running races.
No matter what event it is, I always aim to produce dynamic images, that stand out and tell the story of the day.

My past clients include, RedBull, Cranked Magazine, Mountain Biking UK, Freeride Magazine, Downhill24, Dirt Magazine, Nphoto, Rucksack Magazine, MSC Tires, Schwalbe, USWE, Pinion, Kingud, Leisure Lakes Bikes.

Please contact me for prices and details for covering your events.

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