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USWE Shred 25

In the spring of 2021, Sean Green and myself were asked by USWE to get some images and video to promote their new backpack, the Shred 25. It was the height of the second lock-down, which meant we had the hills to ourselves, and as we were working, could travel under the guidance and advise of the government.

We chose to head to Torridon, giving us multiple options for an epic backdrop and trails to shred for the photos and video.

The roads were deserted as I made the long drive up north to meet with Sean, encountering four seasons of weather on my journey.

I found a lay-by on the outskirts of the village of Torridon itself and bed down for the night, waking up to the surrounding hills under a blanket of snow.

Sean arrived just after sunrise, and after a quick greeting, we were off scouting for photo locations for the coming days.

Around every corner was a photo opportunity and with amazing winter light, we made the most of the conditions.

For the video, we decided to document a typical days riding for Sean on his attempt to summit all the Munros, and even though it wasn't a Munro itself, Beinn Damh looked like the perfect candidate, giving us a sea to summit experience.

After a hard day in the hills and SD cards full of content, we managed to get some detail shots of the pack as the sun set over the Atlantic.

I made the most of the conditions, photographing a panorama from the roadside of Liathach and Loch Torridon.

With the area captured we headed a little further south to see if we could get a few more action shots in the bag.

After a successful couple of days, it was time to head home and begin the editing process.

To keep up to date on what and where I'm shooting, head over to my Instagram and drop a follow.

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