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Tools of the trade, my Bird AM9.

After my Specialized Enduro 29er was stolen in 2017 I was in the market for a new bike and reading through the many magazines and online publications, I had decided to buy direct.

Bird are a small, relatively new brand based in Hampshire and with an engineering background, design their frames from the wheels up, unlike a lot of the buy direct brands that have popped up in recent years. This along with their many positive customer reviews, bike of the year and online service awards that they've picked up in their short life span, I began to look at their flock.

Buying direct not only kept down the cost, allowing me to get more for my money, but with a brand like Bird, they were always quick to respond to the many questions I had.

Image: Kiel Murphy

I ride a lot of different types of trails, from the local XC loops to full on big mountain rocky descents, so wanted something that could handle most types of terrain.