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The Gyro Sportive 2019

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

It was a privilege once again to work alongside Jerry Tatton of JWDT Photography for the first cycling sportive, hosted by the Great North Air Ambulance and Velo29 Events, The Gyro (GNAAS Yearly Ride Out).

Starting at the GNAA base in Durham, the route heads across the country to the GNAA base in Cumbria, taking in the finest country roads the North East and Yorkshire Dales has to offer. With a daunting 150 miles from base to base, a smaller, 75 mile route climbing over the Stang into Swaledale was also an option for the riders.

The forecast for the day ahead was, dry and clear, but with a little wind to aid or hinder the riders.

Unfortunately, when the lead vehicle was marking out the course, roadworks had sprung up, causing the event organisers to cancel the longer route, rerouting everyone on the short (if you can call a 75 mile pedal short) route.

This made my positioning for the whole ride easier, allowing me to capture the same shot for every rider.

I chose to head up the Stang, to capture the struggle of the riders, high above the vale below. Finding a spot on the corner right at the top, I got a low angle and waited for the first riders to come through.

Some made it look easier than others, while others helped and encouraged fellow team mates and riders up the notorious climb.

A hint of a rainbow over the Bowes Museum filled me with some brief excitement, but it was sadly short lived and disappeared as soon as it came. If you squint and turn your head/phone upside down, you can just about make it out.

All money raised from the event will be going towards the GNAA.

Well done to everyone that took part and to the volunteers of the GNAA, hopefully see you next year and if you would like to know more about the event or buy/donate towards the images, head to the links below.

More Images:

JWDT Photography:

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