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Mr & Mrs Paine

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

I was booked in to shoot a small intimate wedding on the 25th of March, it was a difficult shoot as it was, and then the Covid-19 virus began to breakout.

Jonny and Emma were originally planning on getting married in the summer of 2021, but after Jonny's father was tragically diagnosed with cancer, they made the decision to move it forward, booking the Leeds Town Hall for as soon as they could.

During the following days leading up to the wedding, it was clear that the government were initiating a complete lock down. Under their circumstances, the Town Hall agreed to move the wedding forward to Saturday afternoon.

I decided to walk in to Leeds, to avoid people and to not worry about parking, getting there about half an hour earlier.

The centre of Leeds was a ghost town, allowing the steps of the Town Hall to be free. I found some great locations with amazing tones and light in between the columns that would be perfect for the group and couple shots.

The groom and some of the other guests began to arrive.

The light in the waiting room was unbalanced and difficult to work with.

I managed to grab a few candids of the family, before they were ushered in to the ceremony room, rushing outside just in time for the brides arrival.

The guests waited tentatively for the bride, non more so than the groom.

I picked a corner with big windows behind and to the left of me, allowing me to get images of the bride during the ceremony.

Once outside we got the group photos in front of the Town Hall and behind the columns, getting the couple shots too before their kids rushed in and made for some more great candids.

It's strange for me to shoot a wedding, or maybe it's more strange for the wedding guests seeing the photographer with a muddy backpack and outdoor stickers all over my lens hoods, but hopefully Jonny and more importantly Emma are happy with their images and memories I managed to capture. Thanks for having me along.

If anyone is looking for a wedding photographer, head to the contact page or drop me a message on the social media platforms.

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