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Mini Downhill Season Opener

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

It was a blisteringly cold day down at the Forest of Dean for the Mini Downhill, with the riders choosing to brave the temperatures, the race was a sell out non the less.

It could have been worse, rain was forecast but thankfully this held off.

Rosy Monaghan, ripping it up and setting a time that would hold up with the men.

The track was short with a little amount of interesting features, but that did mean I could walk the track a few times, getting different compositions.

A few jumps and rock drops, meant I stayed around for the rad riders to drop the tricks.

Not all the riders had a smooth landing.

With the light conditions, I dropped the shutter speed and tried out some different angles. Dropping down to 1/10 at times.

Going slow with the shutter speed.

Trying different angles.

Gareth Lake leaning it in to the turns.

Some amazing light appeared for a short time, but even with the sun bursting through the trees, I still had to push the ISO to get a fast enough shutter speed to capture the riders smashing over the roots. At times, I was shooting at ISO12800, wide open.

You can view more images on the link below.

Cheers Chris and team, I will hopefully make it down to the next one.

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