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Lockdown Wedding #2

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Craig and Jemma were due to have a lavish wedding, with a talented, reputable, wedding photographer to document their day, but with the coronavirus in full swing had to scale back the big day and settle for a mediocre outdoor, adventure photographer instead.

Under the government restrictions they were allowed to have up to 15 guests, including the registrar and photographer, so long as everyone present were social distanced and wore the obligatory face mask.

Crowne Plaza was the venue, right on the outskirts of Leeds, so I got there early on the Friday afternoon to capture the groom and groomsmen nervously waiting for the bride and her party to arrive.

Both Craig and Jemma are massive dog lovers, and Jemma doesn't go anywhere without Hope and Coco, so Craig arranged it with the hotel to have the dogs present, unbeknownst to his future bride.

With the bride on her way, the guests waited in the bar area for the registrar to show them in to the ceremony room, while one of the groomsmen kept the dogs quiet with a little walk around the car park.

The bride arrived with her mother and sister, where I managed to grab a couple of photos before they joined the seated guests, and her dogs for the ceremony.

A quick briefing from the registrar before Jemma walked in the room with both her mum and dad.

The dogs were as excited as Craig was emotional.

During the ceremony I was allocated a seat and photographed the ceremony from there, the guests watched on in their masks, while the dogs sat patiently, looking slightly confused.

Once the register had been signed, the registrar and staff left the room to the bride, groom and guests for photos and catch ups.

Thanks, Craig and Jemma Carter for asking me along (ok, I was the only one available at short notice) and congratulations. See you next year when we can celebrate properly.

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