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Hebden Bridge Photo Workshop

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

The weather forecast for our first mountain bike skills/photography workshop with WhooshMTB was looking grim, but with a few high-tech, waterproof, camera bag shields (also known as plastic bags), stuffed in my bag, we decided to head out anyway.

We met the group at the kids playground where Chris went through the brief and bike checks.

I had a chat with Andy, Gareth and Antony about their camera kit and what level their photography is at and off we went in to the back bone of Britain.

Chris and I had tailored a route that not only offered up a variety of terrain, but also some good photo opportunities as well.

We climbed up above the valleys to our first location and left it to the group to find a composition including rider and the mighty Stoodley Pike.

Photo Credit: Gareth Talbot. Using the road as a leading line to the monument.

Carrying on up, we hit a small section of rocky double track where Chris showed some technique for staying loose on the bike, Antony took the chance to get close to the action with his fully manual wide-angle lens.

Photo Credit: Antony De Heveningham

Even having me stand in as 'model' while he dialed in the focus.

It was brave of him to just come along with a fixed, fully manual wide-angle lens, although it is a great way to learn and practice with what you have and get better acquainted with a piece of kit.

Photo Credit: Gareth Talbot

As the others headed down the valley, Gareth and I held back, and with the telephoto lens, got a shot showing the textures and layers to the Pennines.

Finding a small rock feature half way down the descent, the riders sessioned it and Chris used the feature to show when to drop and when to pump to carry speed over obstacles and prepare you for the next feature.

After a few photos, we were soon back down in Calderdale and climbing up the other side of the valley. The road climb was a little grueling but got us up high and fast.

A short traverse and we were back descending.

On our scouting trip a few days previous, we had picked out a small rock garden that looked perfect for both riding technique and a good photo opportunity.

Photo Credit: Antony De Heveningham, capturing Chris and Gareth doing their thing.

Photo Credit: Andy. Using my 70-200 to get in tight, while I went down the rock garden.

After we had a few images on the memory cards, and Chris had gone over the different line choices, we packed up and headed down the trail.

We had one more location in mind not far from the valley bottom, so with little to hold us back, we managed to get them wheels rolling and use the tips from Chris to find that flow.

Photo Credit: Gareth Talbot

Once at our final location, everyone seemed to come up with their own compositions and it was interesting to see what everyone came up with.

Photo Credit: Gareth Talbot

Photo Credit: Antony De Heveningham

This location above Todmordon and the A646 seemed to offer up endless photos, but with the fading light, we packed up, jumped back on the bikes and headed down the canal in to Drink? in Hebden Bridge, where we set up the laptop, connected it to the projector to review the images of the day, over a well deserved pint and pie.

Thanks to all who attended and we hope you took something home with you other than just your images taken.

For future workshops, please follow our social media pages and hit the like/follow buttons.

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