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USWE Hajker - Photo Shoot

Back in December 2020, USWE contacted Sean of Grizzly Munro Diaries and me about using us to promote a new backcountry backpack they were launching.

Sean was the perfect candidate to promote the pack with his project of completing the Scottish Munros with his mountain bike. The Hajker seems to be the perfect pack for a full day in the hills.

During the week before, Sean and I threw ideas at each other, before both agreeing on meeting at Victoria Bridge just outside of the Bridge of Orchy. Here we had a multitude of scenarios for backdrops, and amazing locations a short drive away.

For the first day of the shoot we decided to put the pack where it belonged, in the big mountains, and with Stob Ghabhar and Stob a'Choire Odhair on our doorstep, we headed up to the bealach between the two giants.

Snow was down to about 400m, which was perfect to showcase the pack. We got just below the summit of Stob a'Choire Odhair, searching for features and photo opportunities everywhere we could.

With a perfect view point over looking Rannoch Moor, we took some posed images and brewed up, showcasing the packs versatility and features.

With it being fully waterproof, there was no worry about the wet snow.

Packing away, we descending back down to the glen on a perfect trail as the clouds parted, bathing us in glorious winter light.

We quickly found some corners to make the most of the setting sun.

Back at the truck, we backed up the SD cards, cooked up some food and cleaned up the bike and pack for the following day.

It was a cold night as the clouds cleared showing us the Milky Way high above us, it would have been rude not to have taken out the camera.

The next morning, we were greeted by the locals for breakfast.

After breakfast we used the morning light to get some more shots of the pack, while Sean prepared the bike.

We wanted something different than the previous shoot, but still wanted the big mountain backdrop.

Knowing the area well, Sean suggested a Caledonian Pine Forest not far from our location. Just a short ride from the car park, we found hidden trails and single-track winding through the old forest.

From our location, we could see the traffic on the A82, with the cars at a standstill we waited for it to clear, shooting on a feature near the road.

When the air ambulance came flying in, we knew there must have been a serious accident, putting our trip in to perspective and thankful for the emergency services providing us with the confidence to do what we do.

For more information on the Hajker, visit the link below.

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