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Exploring Locally

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

With the recent, I won't say bad, 'snowy' weather, I decided to head out in to the local woods.

I wandered through Post Hill, my local mountain biking play area, crossed over in to Troydale and headed up the trail alongside the beck.

There are a few small weirs and features, but none caught my eye for an image, until I turned around and saw the beck leading out of the dark shadows and in to a small patch of light.

I set up the tripod and realised I didn't bring any filters, so had to stop down the aperture to get a slow enough shutter speed to smooth out the water a touch.

A few days later and the snow brought Leeds to a standstill, so I left the van at home and wandered up Whitehall Road.

The lone tree in the image below, has since blown over, but as I walked past it's rotting snow covered roots, I wished it was still around to capture in a winter coat.

I walked on further up and decided to get off the road, heading in to Sykes Woods.

I got off the main trails and searched for trees and features that stood out amongst the monochrome landscape.

A small beech tree caught my eye, clinging on to a few bright orange coloured leaves, like a kid with the last Quality Street.

The snow was turning to sleet and the ground was getting wet as it melted around me, so I handheld a quick snap shot, packed up and made the wet walk back home.

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